Lilalia Ozara

The Blinded Lantern


Once known as the Lantern Child, Lilalia is now known as The Blinded Lantern. Revered almost as a demigod, she wears a modest silk shroud to conceal her empty and scarred eye-sockets.

She wears finery of gold and purple, and a longsword at her hip.


Lilalia is the firstborn daughter to the noble Ozara family. She was a cold and proud child, convinced that she was a demigod because of her strange abilities.

Lilalia was born with eyes that shine pure sunlight. It was therefore impossible for normal beings to meet her gaze without being dazzled. She was exalted as a holy child and trained as a paladin before she went on a spirit quest across the continent, began her affair with Dagon, and finally traveled to Ellus to explore Persephone City.

In the events leading up to the Undrentide War, Lilalia was captured by the Drow army, imprisoned and tortured and who knows what else. They removed her eyeballs, thus robbing her of her power.

Lilalia Ozara

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