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  • Welcome to Harrow

    After a grueling 5 week journey, a night finally came when, at around 4 in the morning, [[:ross | Ross]] called everyone to the deck to point out the lighthouse of [[Harrow | Harrow]], glimmering in the distance. But even as he warned everyone to stay …

  • Harrow

    Harrow On the eastern-most island of the great archipelago continent of [[Archibel]], the three wooden palisades surrounding Harrowtown stand as an impossibly courageous and inadequate defense against the beasts of the forest. To the south, Godstown …

  • Archibel

    An apparently totally uncivilized and unexplored continent on the other side of the world from [[The Feirs]]. Currently under colonization by [[Laeun]], whose primary interest in the continent is the preponderance of a strange material called [[Godstone]].

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