Mara Malyatur

Youngest daughter of the Mad King Maeglin


A lizardfolk woman with bright red frills adorning her head. She wears remarkably civilized looking clothing and an adventurer’s cloak. The only indicator that this woman was once an elf is in her eyes. Her eyes still have something of an elf about them, though you might not notice unless you were looking for it.


Just turned 111 years old, Mara was a young adult elf who as an adolescent fled Verdinium as far West as she could travel, and was on the first ship to colonize Archibel.

Mara revealed herself to Gelmir when the Snarling Ferrets arrived in Harrow. But when Gelmir informed Delly of the situation that night, she flew into a rage and attacked Mara. The rest of the team joined in without thinking and slew her dead.

In order to save Delly from banishment, Kadinhul reincarnated Mara, who returned in the form of a lizardfolk.

Mara Malyatur

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