Spies of the Empire

Welcome to Harrow

After a grueling 5 week journey, a night finally came when, at around 4 in the morning, Ross called everyone to the deck to point out the lighthouse of Harrow, glimmering in the distance.

But even as he warned everyone to stay quiet (for great beasts lurked in these waters) a giant squid slung its tentacles over the side of the ship and began to attack.

Though the party was more than a match for the squid, they drove it off only after it had snatched up several of the crew in its loathsome tentacles.

One of those several was Daerwyn.

As she hacked fruitlessly with her rapier at the massive tentacle around her waist, the beast slid into the water and away… dragging her with it.

There was nothing to be done. The squid jetted away at an unfathomable speed and was gone… and Daerwyn gone with it.

They had no choice but to set to putting the ship back to rights so that they could make harbor, and when Dagmar tried to reach out to her with Sending, they got a single, ominous reponse, and then nothing.

When they got to Harrow, it wasn’t long before they had made a few friends and twice as many enemies in the colony. Though Dagmar ingratiated himself with the town priestess, he did not get off on such a great foot with the town mages. And though the party killed a yrthak that attacked the town, when Mara Malyatur made herself known, it wasn’t long before the party killed her in a moment of major misunderstanding.

However, Kadinhul reincarnated Mara as a lizardfolk, the blood debt was cleared, and Delly was consequently pardoned.

…Daerwyn’s whereabouts remain unknown…



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