Aefeir – The North

The Northernmost continent of The Feirs, Aefeir stretches from the North Pole to the equator. A huge continent, the habitable land is significantly smaller, as most of the North is an uninhabitable bristle of craggy mountains known only as The Wastes.

Geography of Aefeir

Bounded on the North by The Wastes and on the South by the Triumverate Seas, on the East by the Eaustelle Ocean and on the West by the Marivell, the civilized area of Aefeir is split down the middle by the imposing Snakespine Mountains.

The land east of the Snakespines is dominated by elves and some dwarves, with Tharos and Marcass being the only predominantly human territories. The immense forest of Verdinium is split apart from the deadly Shining Sands by Earthbreaker Mountain, and the immense elf-empire of Andor maintains its central position in the region.

In the West, the gray elf nation of Pallus is ringed by powerful states, and most notable is Laeun, the island country just across the Dragon’s Channel.

History of Aefeir

The original home of the gods that created O’ar, Aefeir is also thought to be the oldest continent. Elves dominate


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