O’ar is the primary world in the material plane also known as O’ar, or sometimes O’arion by the new gods.

Neighboring planes include Golarion, Athas, and Eberron.

O’ar is distinct in having a relatively small set of 8 original gods. The feud between these gods and their consequent disappearance was a major factor in the onset of The Long Darkness, a period of war, plague, and technological backslide.

During that time, the gods of Golarion noticed a plane seemingly devoid of gods and adopted O’ar. They sent down angels and prophets and converted most of Aefeir and some of Solfeir. This helped end The Long Darkness and usher in the Age of Dawn

The Treaty of Dawn between Laeun, Pallus, Ellus, Orymir, and Tharos reunited the most of the major powers across the entire northern continent of Aefeir.

The Andrish Civil War raged on until The Undrentide War presented so great a threat that the elves could not afford to slaughter each other based on the color of their hair and eyes and the shapes of their ears.


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