The Snarling Ferrets

So-named by Delly when she was put on the spot by a Laeunite paper-pusher, The Snarling Ferrets are an adventuring group that assembled by chance on the road to Pal Hyro when a woman whose farm had been scorched to the earth came pleading for help.

The Snarling Ferrets currently consist of

Bern, an ex-Captain of the Pallusian special services
Cairon, the last son of a shattered Kildari house
Daerwyn, an elven rogue from Dalmark
Dagmar, a dwarven wannabe-bard-turned-cleric flexing his divine prowess
Delly, a world-traveling halfling adventurer
Gelmir, a mage-knight from Verdinium forced to flee his homeland
and Kadinhul, a gentle-mannered half-orc with a taste for do-gooding

Occasional traveling companions include
The Quarterling, a mysterious man of diminutive size with a talent for killing
and Valora Ozara, the youngest daughter of the noble Ozara family in Laeun

The Snarling Ferrets

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